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8 Eminent Reasons to get Domains

8 Eminent reasons to get multiple .com domains

When businesses are making their presence online, they look for a cheap .com domain that should reflect their business name. Businesses usually register only one domain. But considering the low registration cost, businesses can easily for their company.

Navicosoft believes in not just building your brand name but marking your brand by building your credibility to stand in the digital market. We are an eminent domain registration company, providing you reliability, 24/7 support service, and a domain management control panel to make your dream business convert to reality.

Is it Really Imperative?

Purchasing multiple domains ensure that people looking for your website can find you. The main reason for registering multiple domains is to enhance online identity and increasing access points to your presence. Thus, it allows you to focus on your future growth and protect your business website from online hijacking and restricting your online activity.

Here are some riveting reasons why you should register multiple .com domains. Look if any of these reasons strike you to get more than one domain.

Name Change

If your brand or business had a different name in the past or is associated with another name, it is a good idea to purchase all those names to ensure your target audience finds you. Even if you plan to change your company name, opt for hosting the website on the new domain name. But make sure to set up the previous domain name to forward to the latest one.

Descriptive Name

No doubt your official domain name reveals your identity, but different people might associate your website in different ways. Considering the product and services you provide, you can register an additional cheap .com domain related to the niche of your business only. It can significantly help you if your business is not well established yet or when your domain name does not define your business. You can also choose a more descriptive domain to target your website’s particular page, for example, a blog.

Special Offers

Various domains enable a business to promote multiple products and services through several specialized landings pages. Furthermore, it is beneficial for the expansion of your business.

Multiple domain

Limiting Competition

Getting multiple .com domains helps you to avoid your competition. By registering a similar cheap .com domain name, you can restrict your competition for online reach.

Protect your Brand

Protecting your brand and its online identity is indispensable for any business operating online. Acquiring a variety of other relevant names will boost your brand presence. Moreover, it will also prevent hackers or competitors from hijacking your company’s online existence.


Registering a cheap .com domain name is an effortless task. Keyword-rich domains play a significant part in search engine optimization (SEO) plan. Consequently, increasing your traffic as well as search engine discoverability.

Look-Alike or Sound-Alike Names

If a competitor sets up a similar look-alike domain name, your potential customers might land on their website instead of yours. In order to prevent this, you can consider purchasing potential “copycats” for your domain name.

One Destination with Many Names

Most domain registration companies can easily forward multiple .com domains to a single website. When a visitor types one of your domain names, he is redirected to that one website. Google domain has a simple web forwarding option to direct customers to the main website or some specific pages within the website, such as support page or order page.

Why Navicosoft for Domain Name Registration?

Navicosoft has decades of experience in finding the right domain for businesses. Moreover, we ensure your business is secure to keep it running smoothly. We are one of the largest domain registrars for registration.

We help you find the perfect domain for your business and set you apart from your competitors, ensuring your future success. Just search for a unique domain name and check its availability in our domain search box. We will list any alternatives for you as well and if you find your desired domain, simply proceed to purchase.

With Navicosoft, you can purchase multiple .com or even other domain extensions at the same time since there is no limit at all. But there are some general considerations for deciding the number of domain variations. The primary domain also known as the main domain, should always be followed by other domains.