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8 Dubai Desert Safari Myths

car in desert

I can confidently state that the hard work we put into it generally is rewarded and we are delighted with the response from numerous satisfied customers. Sometimes, from time to moment, we miss the ball, get distracted, or fail to meet our high standards. Desert safari is full of moving parts and staff members who are new traffic, vehicle breakdowns, traffic and demanding guests, animal movements as well as computer problems, and Mother Nature, all throw us obstacles that we have overcome to offer a seamless experience. We acknowledge that we’re not perfect, however, we strive to ensure that every guest that comes with us enjoys a memorable desert experience.

But, I’ve completed writing a reply to a dissatisfied guest. It wasn’t any of the above-mentioned issues that made the guest angry, but the guest was furious because his car got stuck on the beach, and was forced to wait till we could get the car out. Some of you might laugh due to the fact that driving through soft sand during an adventure of desert Safari Dubai. It can be a great way to experience this kind of scenario. It made me think, why not invest some time disclosing some of the myths surrounding Desert safaris within Dubai to help keep from having unrealistic expectations…

Myth #1 It’s Inconvenient When my Car is Stuck in Sand

Sand in the desert (probably without exception ice) could be the most un-hospitable location to drive in a car. The top professionals in our field have to go through years of training before they claim they have mastered Sand. Finding yourself stuck in the sand is an inevitable part of the experience, and you should take the opportunity to watch your professional guide helping your vehicle escape the dunes’ grip.

Myth #2 My Camel Ride was an Unintentional Walk Around an Oval

I have read the comment often on different reviews on travel sites like Unfortunately, the reviewers aren’t informed that Camels have eyesight that is very similar to humans i.e. they are unable to see in darkness! Therefore, if the desert safari company you hired to take you for an extended nighttime trek through the dunes, there’s an extremely high chance of a camel falling into the sand, being scared, and then getting away, and other adverse reactions that is a good thing for the poor passenger on the top. The best solution is to illuminate the “runway” for the camels to view, however, this would be a huge eyesore. Another option is to book the Camel Safari if you are looking for the romantic appeal of a lengthy camel ride.

Myth #3 Going on a Safari that Doesn’t Include Dune Bashing is Only for Older People

This is an excerpt from one our reviews online. There’s nothing exciting about it. For older people but nothing too hard. We are sometimes forced to apologize that we don’t conduct Dune-bashing safaris. But, we don’t ban dune blasting because we don’t have the capacity but we were the first (and is still the only) desert safari operator in Dubai to stay clear of dunes bashing during our safaris. Why? There are some reasons. It is firstly, it’s destructive for the environment. The second reason is that the thought of making guests hurt or sick is not the ideal way to have fun and safe experience, and thirdly it is well-known that responsible parents don’t wish to put their children at risk by using a possibly not-trained Safari Guide. And last and not least, they’re in the right to say that guests older than them may suffer serious injuries on an adventure in the dune.


Myth #4 I will Always Encounter a Variety of Wild Animals When I Go to the Desert

Another quote is taken from an internet review… The idea is an easy choice because there are water troughs and salt licks on the trail. We have discovered 114 safari operators in the desert of Dubai. Of these, only two have met the stringent standards that are required by the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to permit excursions with wildlife. In spite of this, however, some guests want a zoo-like environment with animals running around in the wildebeest safari through the Masai Mara. Many people look at feeding points and believe they’re there in order to draw animals onto our trails. It is not the case. the feeding points are regularly relocated throughout the reserve in order to promote the natural grazing and fossicking by wild animals. Thus, on certain days, you’ll be able to see lots of animals. On other days, you need to hunt both low and high to locate any. Anybody who’s been on an African safari will be familiar with the experience.

Myth #5 Tanoura and Bellydancing Tanoura are the Traditional Emirati Popular Dances

I’ve seen some fascinating things over the years such as the sumo wrestlers in Japan and riding on reindeer Lapland as well as the horse show that is held in Mexico in Mexico, and the Aboriginal dance in Australia. What’s odd for me is to see the spectacle of an Aboriginal Dance in Japan, riding a reindeer in Mexico, and a Sumo contest in Lapland. The Bellydancing scene as well as Tanura dancing within Dubai are also a bit incomprehensible. Both of these dances do not are rooted in any history within the Emirati culture, and they just distort the guest’s perception of local culture and history.

Myth #6 The Desert Safaris all are Basically the Same

Nothing could be further than the reality. The variety of quality in the Safari Guide, safety, insurance as well as cleanliness of dunes accessibility to wildlife, food quality, and the camp atmosphere can be described as extensive. As you wouldn’t buy an economy class ticket on RyanAir and anticipate Emirates First Class service, you should not pay AED150 for an adventure and expect an acceptable level of service. Find out what’s important to you, and don’t ruin your memories of your trip through the effort to cut some money.

Myth #7 Hotel Concierge will Always Suggest the Best Desert Safaris in Dubai

But this isn’t always the situation. In a perfect world, your Concierge would suggest an inexpensive safari, a mid-range safari and then a more cultural or luxurious safari. With the correct information on the different options, guests will then decide which is most suitable for their needs. Unfortunately, there are many Hotels are contracted with a supplier. This means that the concierge is not able to recommend a variety of safaris, or even which one he thinks is the most enjoyable desert safari in Dubai. Instead, he’s forced to recommend the company contracted. This is the reason it is always advised to investigate the company on your own prior to committing your hard-earned money.

Myth #8 I’ll Receive a Better Price Even if I Reserve Last Minute

Desert Safaris do not ever sell out. While this is true for certain experiences, top-quality experiences are often sold out months ahead, particularly during the Easter and Christmas holidays. The best advice is to pick the best safari prior to your arrival in Dubai in order to aren’t disappointed.