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7 Tips On How to Buy Injection Molding from China

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With more than 5500 plastic injection molding companies in China, product manufacturers are faced with selecting the right partner to help mass produce a product or production element for their company. When you need thousands of parts produced on-time and under budget, knowing with confidence that your injection molder will truly be a partner, and keep your requirements in mind, could make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting your product into the go to market quicker. The majority of the important decisions made during the course of a project are based on the information given early. If expectations are communicated prior to the beginning of the project, it’s less chance of any communication issues in the future. Here are 6 additional important factors to consider when choosing a plastic injection moulder.

Technology and Capabilities for Production

It is important to verify before starting any project that your molder has the capacity you require. When you work with molder who has different sizes of presses, they have the ability to undertake the entire project with the same the same materials, colors and. It is also essential to know any limitations to capacity that your supplier might face in relation to project timing. A partner who has the necessary machinery and utilizes modern technology will be able aid you in rapidly scaling production up or down to meet the demand of the market without the need to find and qualify a new contract manufacturer. This flexibility could help you save time and money.

In the world, the advancement of the advancement in technology and automated manufacturing sets injection molders from other manufacturers. Molders that are equipped with the latest technology and manufacturing capabilities can provide competitive prices in comparison with overseas competitors. Through the years, advances in automation and lights-out manufacturing techniques have affected the industry of plastics at an unprecedented quality. In addition to allowing companies to make improvements in the areas of turn-around times and cost, it has also allowed plastic part producers to lower the likelihood of imperfections and enhance the quality of the products produced.

Expanded Services

Prototyping and part design are functions that oftentimes fall out of the range of services that an injection molder can provide, or is introduced to the process much to late to create any efficiency in cost or time. This is an interesting point considering manufacturers rank design as one of the top factors in reducing manufacturing costs.

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Like technology, the best practices for tooling and part manufacturing have changed substantially over the years. The work that happens earlier during the design cycle particularly design is the key to achieving efficiencies with project time and budget. If a toolmaker/injection molder is involved early in the development and design cycle the customer’s goals are understood and unexpected surprises are avoided. The key is a four-pronged method:

  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Functionality
  • Design for Assembly
  • Design to be Sustainable

Quality Standards

Do your components need to pass rigorous inspections or meet strict safety and quality standards? If so, it’s vital that you work with the injection molder that is ISO certified which guarantees that parts will be molded with appropriate and specific materials.

Customer Service & Communication

Long-term relationships with business partners need the additional element of excellent customer service and communications. Especially with complex parts or projects which have a high degree of intellectual property sensibility, working with an on-shore partner that is flexible to your requirements will give you valuable peace of mind.

If your needs are special or distinctive choosing a supplier who is aware of your market, materials and issues is essential to the success of your project. You may want to speak directly with impartial customers who can assist you in deciding whether to work with the supplier . They can confirm the business practices, communication styles as well as financial stability, the quality of their products and turnaround times.

Available Resins

Material / resin selection is a crucial component of the production and design process to create a product that is successful. Working with an skilled injection molder can help ensure that the end use will be kept in mind throughout the design and material selection process. Alongside the base material which is selected as the most suitable option for your project, filler materials and other additives may be used to improve the performance of the part. Highly experienced injection molding engineers can also assist in reducing costs by offering suggestions to lower quantities of material employed, if possible, without compromising quality.


Price is the main factor for a manufacturer in determining the most suitable injection molding partner. Budgets and ROI calculations are an aspect of running a business. But, think about the process of purchasing a car. Sometimes, a “bargain” deal may result in expensive repairs months later. Many elements come into play when evaluating the overall cost of manufacturing of parts and much more goes into a long-term partnership more than just selecting the lowest estimate. Although the cheapest option may seem like the most efficient option, it could cost you more money over the long term.

Effects of poor designs and material selection, problems that arise during production and then resulting in a failed product launch can quickly add cost. Think about the total worth of the service that is offered as well as the quality of the work, and the ability of your partner to provide a valuable partner to yourself and to your staff. Most manufacturers have unique and particular requirements. Selecting a provider who is aware of your business, its common materials and unique challenges is crucial in the overall success for any plastic injection mold project. When you consider these 6 crucial considerations, you can make it easier to select an experienced and knowledgeable plastic injection molder, and ensure positive results in terms of relationships , budgets and time to market.

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