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7 Innovative Marketing Concepts for your Next Promotional Video

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Is your upcoming product launch something you’d like to promote? We provide some tips for creating video promos for your launch. With a successful launch video, your idea won’t get lost in the shuffle and will flourish.

Videos promoting different products have different styles. You can use these templates to create your own! Here are a few examples of some of the best examples!

The Following Tips will Help you Source Video Promos

The process of video editing and creating can be intimidating. If you’re not familiar with the process, you must get a head start by creating a video from scratch.

We can provide you with that PhotoADKing – Online Graphic Design Tool. When you subscribe for one flat rate, you’ll have access to thousands of video templates for your promotional videos. The templates can be customized according to your needs, making it a convenient tool for quick creations. Many tedious tasks can be eliminated by using a video template. You can use the template to create a video by downloading it, customizing it, and exporting it.

The Best way to Promote your Big Idea

A product promo video can be inspired by many things. With these seven tips and styles, you can create a successful video for your business.

Make Use of a Product Demo Video

When a new product is used consistently, it represents the greatest reward. Showing the action of my favorite products is one of my favorite product promotion techniques.

This method is applicable to both mobile and online applications. Take some device screenshots or utilize peppy clips. The Duo app is demonstrated in this video from Google’s introduction video. This video was not generated by recording a screen, but rather by editing the footage together.

Describe the Business Concept

One of the most common types of advertising movies is the explainer video. A distinct business concept needs a concise summary of how it differs from its rivals. Before you try to offer your product to your target audience, make sure they understand its benefits. What niche do you wish to inhabit, and how will you set yourself apart from the competition?

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Be wary of assuming your audience is already acquainted with what you do. It is a good idea to engage your audience by giving a simple explanation.

Present your Data in a “Before and After” Format

Customers buy products to solve problems in their everyday lives, which is a marketing fact that will never change. Promo videos are most effective when they employ a “before and after” strategy to tell the story of the problem that the product solves.

A platform for managing human resources in small businesses. An app that contrasts how HR was before and after is a tried and true technique to get potential customers to consider your solution.

Promotional Launch Sales and Discounts

Sure, cutting prices and providing steep discounts is a dangerous path to go. Pricing should ideally be determined by the value it delivers to the consumer rather than a race to the bottom with rivals.

A launch sale, on the other hand, is a type of sale that also acts as a means of promoting a product. Create a sense of urgency by emphasizing that lower pricing is only accessible for a limited period and to early adopters. This type of advertising is particularly effective on mobile, where you can use social media to direct people to a sale on your website.

Crowdfunding Initiatives

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter contributed to the development of an entirely new type of promotional video. Give your viewers the opportunity to be a part of the success story while promoting the video. Here’s a great example of a promotional video that makes use of a crowdfunding campaign:

By framing the crowdfunding promo video style as a “win-win,” you can make it work for you. You have an excellent product that you want to launch, and your audience can make a significant contribution to it. This promotional video style instills enthusiasm and a sense of success in the audience.

Create an Animated Summary

Animated videos might help you sell your products by brightening the mood. Almost every product may benefit from a humorous product demo due to the utilization of animated components.

Check out this wonderful animated ad for DocuSign, a service that allows you to sign documents online. You’re undoubtedly familiar with this service, which is brilliantly explained in the film if you’ve ever been sent an email with a document to sign.

Utilize Testimonials

The use of testimonials in marketing is quite powerful. It demonstrates the benefits of your product to others by utilizing successful user experiences.

As a result, testimonial videos continue to be one of the most popular ways to create a video advertisement. Show a pleased client, then allow them to tell you in their own words how the product impacted them. The video below is an example of a common example for Calm, a guided meditation software. Speaking with real-world users who shared their stories definitely inspired others to follow suit.