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6 Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Designs That Let You Save Space

wall mounted wine rack

To have a wine rack that holds your favorite wines while letting you save space sounds perfect for your Houston home, doesn’t it? Well, you might be wondering about how you can achieve it too, breaking your heads over what kind of design you should go for. But slow down as we are about to take the weight off your shoulders.

Here we have for you 6 wall mounted wine rack designs that will go with any home space.

     1. Sorbus Wall Mounted Wine Rack –For Minimalism

If your wine collection is not that big but consists of chosen and rare wines, this wine rack design is a great choice. It does not take up much space. Or if you want, you can add several such racks to your existing custom home wine cellar.

Plus points-

  • Holds 9 bottles
  • You can add additional racks
  • Separate compartments for bottles
  • The vertical structure offers more space
  • Horizontal storage of bottles (keeps the corks moist)

Specialty: Made of metal which adds to durability and strength.

     2. Anna Stay Wall Mounted Wine Rack – For Creativity

As you can see in the pic, the Anna Stay wall mounted wine rack designis multi-functional. It serves as the perfect choice for a wholesome wine décor.

Plus points-

  • Cork tray
  • Glass holders
  • Horizontal storage of bottles (keeps the cork moist)
  • 6 glass charms decor
  • grapes with leaves decor

Specialty: Their size and multi-purpose nature are what make them a great choice for small walls.

     3. Jackcube Wall Mounted Wine Rack – For Durability

The high-quality wooden design with its easy-to-mount nature makes this a highly durable choice, be it for your home wine cellar or a wall.

Plus points-

  • Wine glass holder
  • Easy installation
  • Vintage design
  • 4-bottle capacity

Specialty: This easy-to-mount rack along with a rustic design goes pretty well with a vintage-style home wine cellar.

     4. Mocoum Wall Mounted Wine Rack – ForAffordability

This is a set of separate metal wine racks made of iron. They are great for kitchen cabinets and since there is no board, the racks can be put up on any flat surface.

Plus points-

  • 6 iron wine racks
  • Mounting hardware
  • Easy installation

Specialty: An affordable choice, this wall mounted wine rackset is perfect for any kind of home décor. Be it vintage or modern home, this one goes perfectly with both.

     5. GWH Wall Mounted Wine Rack – For Height

If you looking for a wall mounted wine rack that offers extra storage, this is a worthy pick. This is a great piece of décor for an open kitchen or even a dining area.

Plus points-

  • Holds 7 bottles
  • 6 glass holders
  • Two-tier shelf (can be used as a coffee station)
  • Easy to install

Specialty: Made of industrial iron along with the wooden shelf, this one has a transitional finish. The shelf can be used to keep books or even decorative plants. This design serves great for small rooms with less space.

     6. Wine Cellars of Houston's wall mounted wine rack – For Customization


If you are looking to customize your Wine Cellars Houston with wine racks, opt for those offered by Wine Cellars of Houston. Choose from wooden, metal, and wrought iron finishes. They first provide a 2D presentation of the design you want to make things clear regarding space.

Plus points:

  • Custom designs
  • Perfect finishing
  • Award-winning service
  • Durable for long-term storage

Specialty: Custom wine racks from Wine Cellars of Houston come with the guarantee of an award-winning company. Competitive prices and high quality make the wine racks a perfect combo for your home.

These 6 unique wall mounted wine rack designs are all great choices. All you have to do is decide which one to go for based on the space available. Then, all you have to do is get them over and mount them on your wall. And voila! Time to drink some wine.