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5 Ways DrChrono EHR Software can make your Life Better

DrChrono EHR Software

We all know what it can be like running a medical practice all on your own – the administrative tasks keep piling up, it can be a hassle to manage the books and the finances, and in the midst of all that, your patient care can seem to slide back on the list of your priorities.

In such a scenario, the DrChrono EHR software can be something of a miracle for you. With its excellent features, benefits, and more, you can make the most of your software in an efficient way, so you can keep providing care while your clinic automatically runs smoother. 

About DrChrono EHR Software

DrChrono is a tool available to doctors who are in the market for a solution that can aid in the daily running of their practices while making their patient experience improved and automated. Since 2009, DrChrono EHR Software has been available to practices across the nation of all shapes, sizes, and scales. 

The software utilizes an approach that centers the needs of both the doctors and the staff at clinics, providing software features that aim to improve on tracking and management in the most efficient way possible. The software is available on the cloud, meaning you don’t have to install any heavy-duty servers or hardware, and is secure and safe for your benefit.

Features of DrChrono EHR Software

There are a lot of wonderful features that DrChrono brings to the table that can make your life at your practice incredibly easy. Here is a rundown of some of the top features.

Customizable Templates and Forms

When you use DrChrono, you have the privilege of having templates and forms that are flexible enough to allow you to collect information intuitively. This doesn’t mean you lost all your previous information though, as it can all be imported in.

You can use the forms with your tablet device such as an iPad to utilize interesting input technology such as free draw, which allows you to create quick diagrams, especially over lab imaging results. You can also have your voice recognized using a voice-to-text feature.

Send and Manage Online Prescriptions

Sending prescriptions is made entirely seamless when using DrChrono – you can use the software to send different kinds of prescriptions, all to a pharmacy selected by your patient, or to the patient portal, or any fax or printer straight from your software. The preferred pharmacies can be saved for each provider or patient to make the process quicker.

Best of all, you can make better, more informed decisions regarding the prescriptions you send out, by learning more about interactions that your patient may experience depending on their medical history.

Streamlined Medical Billing

Instead of having you and your team worry about the financial aspect of things. You can redirect the billing work to DrChrono EHR software’s team of experts. Who know exactly how to manage the billing and revenue for practices.

medical record save in pc

This will enable you to process payments faster, manage claims, and reimbursements. And much more, all from the comfort of your software. You can also check for eligibility when a patient is added to the system, along with tools to collect copay. And tracking what happens to your claims once you send them out.

Optimized and Error Free Appointment Scheduling

Managing appointments can be a difficult task, especially because it’s so prone to errors, over-booking, under-booking, and conflicts with other tasks. You can avoid these errors using DrChrono because you can color-code the types of appointments.

Plus, you can use the scheduling tool to make better calendars for all the doctors at the practice. Which allows you to avoid double-bookings and missed or ‘no-show’ patients. This will allow the entire clinic to run better, avoid conflicts and problems. While at the same time ensuring your patients have more agency as they manage to schedule.

Intuitive Patient Portal

When using DrChrono EHR software, you also get to offer your patients the option to work with a patient portal that is compliant with HIPAA regulations to maintain the safety of your patient’s vital medical information.

The portal allows you to easily connect with patients using a messaging service, and schedule patient appointments. And quickly check in patients that come to your clinic for a checkup. This onboarding setup in particular can help you save time as all you need is a tablet. And an internet connection, and whatever information is entered, is directly inputting to the EHR.

DrChrono Software Demo

You can get a free DrChrono software demo with a specialist in order to get a real feel of the features that it offers and to ask any questions you may have.

Should I Get DrChrono EHR Software?

After reading through all of what we’ve listed out about DrChrono EHR Software. You may be wondering if it will be a good fit for you and your practice. While we cannot make you a recommendation without learning more about your practice. You can get a demo, or read through reviews available online to see if it is a good fit for you.

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