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5 Tips for Reading Manga for Beginners

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Manga is a Japanese form of a comic book which contrary to popular belief is nothing like your regular comics. Manga and comics are only similar in the way in which you enjoy these and that is by reading.

Manga has a different art style, reading style, and detailed stories which keep you entertained for a long time. If you are new to manga and you approach this as a comic book, chances are you will not be able to read these in the most fun way. There are some rules to reading manga and if you follow these, you are guaranteed endless fun, thrill, and excitement.

According to the experts from mangaowl, the Following are some of the most useful manga reading tips that beginners can use to make the most out of their experience.

Reading Sentences

Unlike comics, you read manga pages from right to left and top to bottom. You start from the very top right corner and then read the left block and make your way down to the bottom left corner.

Most beginner manga readers who stream manga online on sites like Mangastream Alternatives ignore this which confuses them and they end up declaring the manga to be boring. Following this rule takes some getting used to but once you have read enough manga it comes naturally to you. The same rule applies to word bubbles inside each block of manga.

Manga Gutters or Panels

Manga gutters are spaces between two or more pieces of manga on the same page. They are used to show a transition from the present to the past and vice versa. These gutters are also used to pause and absorb the information that you have just read.

Based on the situation the color and shape of gutters can vary. For example, black gutters indicate some past events and white ones present.

The Shape of Word Bubbles

Just like manga panels or gutters manga word bubbles also have different shapes and each serves a specific purpose. There are two main types of word bubbles i.e., thought bubbles and dialogue bubbles.

Various artists use different ways to draw these but all of those methods have something in common that shows whether it is a thought or a conversational piece. The dialogue words are written in circle-type bubbles that are over a character’s head. The thought bubbles are usually in oval or cloud shape. Sometimes the character’s thoughts are written without any bubble in a floating text form.

Facial Features

If you see some lines on your character’s face it indicates blushing. The expression of relief is indicated by making an empty sigh bubble coming out of the character’s mouth.

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The nosebleed indicates lust, while sweat shows embarrassment in your character. Similarly, there are expressions that indicate when the character is angry, sad, or exhilarated. Knowing what each expression means allows you to make the most out of your manga reading experience.

Types of Manga

This last part is about choosing the right manga for yourself. Unlike regular comics, manga targets people of all ages and not just teens or young adults. The target audience of management ranges from young kids to older adults.

Following are some of the main manga categories that you can choose from.

  1. Shones manga: it refers to manage series that are targeted to teen boys and it mainly hosts action, and adventure-type manga.
  2. Shojo: This manga is mainly written for teenage girls
  3. Seinen: These types of manga are written for adult males and contain subjects like horror, romance, and thrillers.
  4. Jousei: This type of manga targets an older female audience and contains subjects like love, romance, and mystery, etc.
  5. Kodomo: These are kids’ manga that contains educational as well as adventure-type mwanga series.

Final Words

So, these are some of the main things to know before reading any manga to make your experience truly a great one. If you choose your manga based on the above-mentioned information and read it the right way, it can really open up a whole new world of excitement, emotions, wonder, and thrill for you. You can visit Mangago to read more.

We hope this article has given you all the necessary information that you were looking for and helps you to enjoy your manga journey to the fullest.