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5 Factors that Indicate your Car need Engine Repair Services

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Cars are designed to run for hundreds of miles. But it will only do so with the help of high-quality maintenance services and occasional repairs. But the engine with your car is what keeps everything going. The engines deliver power to the car so that you can easily travel to all your favourite places without any issue. But on certain occasions, the engine of the car also experiences issues or problems, which you must address with immediate effect.

Car engine issues can take place for a countless number of reasons, but you need to make sure that the issue is solved without any delay. If you fail to repair the engine, it will give birth to unnecessary problems that will become too much for you to handle.

Signs that Prove the Car Engine Requires a Repair Service

A car engine can get damaged due to the high mileage and irregular greasing. On the other hand, the engines also stop working when experiences something like denotation. With the help of professional car service Perth, you can resolve such issues once and for all. But several other factors show you might require repair services for your car’s engine. To know what these factors are, take a look at the information below.


When you come across fluid leaking out from the front area of your car, you must take it to the mechanic. Cars take the help of numerous fluids that help in operating all their systems, and it also requires a good amount of them. If something like coolant leaks, oil leaks or any other leaks will be pretty harmful to the car’s engine. For such reasons, if something like this occurs, you must take your car to a reliable mechanic and prevent any unwanted issue from taking place.

Engine Knocking Noise

When you hear a knocking sound coming under the hood, it indicates that your car engine bearing is starting to wear out. The bearings stand out as the main component of the engine, and if it stops working or cannot support the engine anymore, things will take a different turn. Because of the lack of lubrication, the chances of a tear and wear will cause the knocking sound to take place. This particular knocking will fall and rise within the RPMs of the vehicle.

Reduction in Fuel Efficiency

The reduction within the fuel efficiency occurs due to a variety of reasons. If you have the knowledge and experience with cars, it will be easier for you to figure out the problem. But if you want professional car engine repair services, it will be much better if you take the vehicle to an auto shop. The mechanics at the shop will go through your car engine and find out the actual issue, which is causing the decreased fuel efficiency. After finding out the cause, they will provide you with the best solution to resolve the issue.

Coloured or Increased Exhaust Smoke

The increase in exhaust smoke stands out as one of the most common signs of an engine issue. The colour of the smoke will give you an idea about the type of problem the engine is facing. When there is black smoke, it shows that a massive amount of fuel is getting burned within the engine. For such reasons, it will give birth to high heat and also cause fuel efficiency. Apart from that, it will also cause many other severe issues to your car’s engine. But if the smoke colour is blue, this shows that there might have been an oil leak within the interiors of the engine. This also enables the oil to burn up the gasoline.

car Exhaust Smoke

The Engine Light

When the engine light switches on, you must take it to an engine mechanic before any delay. The mechanic will use his skills and knowledge to conduct diagnostics to check what triggered the light within your car’s engine. There could be a lot of reasons behind it and only a proper check will prove what the issue is. There is no need for you to wait and try to figure it out yourself. Waiting will cause the matter to worsen and will lead to expensive repairs. The mechanics will use their tools and equipment to find the source of the problem. Once they do, the mechanics will make sure to have them fixed or repaired quickly and effectively.

Last Words to Share

All vehicles, including cars, run on engines. Without them, your car will not move at all. But just like all the car parts, the engines also experience problems and issues, which every car owner must have fixed. You will come across numerous engine problems, and rather than resolving the problem on your own, it will be much better to allow the experts to handle it.

The professional car mechanics will go through the engine and identify what is wrong with the car engine. After they come across the problem, they deliver an outstanding repair service that will resolve the car engine issue once and for all.

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