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5 Checks you should Run Before Watching a Youtube Video Peacefully!

Are you used to watching youtube videos regularly or daily? If yes, you may know how annoying it would be to suddenly ads pops-up or destructive video recommendations besides the video player while watching your favorite content!

Well, this article will help you to avoid destruction and watch youtube videos peacefully. This article will explain the top five checks you should run before watching your favorite content on youtube peacefully.

Make sure you are using Adblocker

The number one destruction on youtube is the ads we watch while watching any video content on youtube. You just can’t get rid of ads on the free version of youtube. You can get the premium version of ads-free youtube by subscribing to youtube premium for $11.99/month.

Another option can help you avoid ads being on the free version of youtube, which is an adblocker. You can use ad-blocking extensions on your web browsers to restrict ads while watching youtube videos. This method is only valid if you use youtube on a web browser on your computer.

Make sure you Turned on Dark Mode

Most of our leisure time we use to enjoy our favorite videos on youtube. After finishing our 9-5 job, we come back to our home and do our home chores. It takes almost 2-3 hours, and then we become free. That means we use youtube mostly at night. Youtube has a light theme in by default mode. You can turn it off and switch to a dark mode to ease your eyes while watching youtube videos.

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To turn on the dark mode of youtube, you can click on your profile picture to open a drop-down. From the drop-down menu, click on appearance. It will give you options to choose either a dark theme or a light theme. Choose the dark theme to turn it on.

Make sure you are Signed in

There are two options on youtube to watch any youtube content. You can watch either by signing in to your youtube account or watch any content on youtube as a guest.

Watching videos as a guest would be overwhelming because you will not have any saved watch history, will face unwanted and irrelevant videos recommendations, and can’t comment on any videos. So, make sure you are signed in before you start watching your favorite content on youtube.

Make sure you are invited

If you want to watch a public video, there is no need to be invited, but you must have an invitation if you are interested in watching private youtube videos.

If you don’t know how to be invited or how to share a private youtube video, search on youtube about it. You will find step-by-step video tutorials on it.

Make sure you are Using headphones

Headphones are eco-friendly, so you should make sure that you use them while watching youtube content.If you are watching youtube content with your family and friends, then it’s ok to watch on a loudspeaker, but alone, you should use headphones to not feel like being disturbed.


This short guide will help you to enjoy your favorite content on youtube. In this article, I explained the top 5 things you should check before watching content on youtube. These things will help you watch your favorite content on youtube peacefully to enjoy your leisure time.