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4 Favorite Tourist Recommendations in Nusa Lembongan


Do you want to visit Bali but don’t know where to go? Are you tired of going to the same place? Nusa Lembongan can be the right answer. This island is a suitable place if you wish to have a quiet vacation because it is still empty of visitors.

If you want to go there, you only need to take a ferry from Padang Bai Harbor or Sanur Beach, Denpasar. This island is still in the Bali area but is separated from the mainland of Bali. Below are some recommendations for tourist attractions in Lembongan.

Tourist Attractions in Lembongan Island, Bali

You may have not heard the name before, but if you decide to visit there, you won’t regret it. Many tourist destinations are no less beautiful than other cities in Bali.

Seganing Waterfall

The first tourist destination that you can visit is Seganing Waterfall. Waterfalls are usually hidden in the forest, it is different from this one. Seganing Waterfall flows from a cliff into the open ocean.

The waterfall flows directly from the middle of the rocks, creating a fascinating sight. Seganing Waterfall is different from other waterfalls because it is not easily accessible; only people with high adrenaline can access it.

Because you have to go down many steep and slippery stairs, visitors can get hurt if you are not careful. However, suppose you manage to get to the bottom. In that case, you can enjoy the freshness of the water directly in the natural Jacuzzi.

Angel’s Billabong

Visiting Lembongan Island means you have to visit Angel’s Billabong. Angel’s Billabong is an attractive tourist destination with a natural infinity pool and, of course, unique. The color of the water is like an emerald color and is so clear that you feel at home for a long time there.

In addition, the pool is also easy to walk and not slippery, so you can swim there. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures because Angel’s Billabong has a million exciting and instagrammable spots that are a shame to miss.

Dream Beach

Another tourist destination that is no less beautiful is Dream Beach. This beach is a beach with white sand, which is very famous on Lembongan Island. This beach is spotless, so if you visit, don’t litter!

The waves on this beach are also strong, so if you don’t feel comfortable swimming, don’t swim. You can swim elsewhere because on the beach there is a restaurant that provides a swimming pool.

Yellow Bridge

The last is a yellow bridge in the middle of the sea. It is gorgeous when viewed above the Yellow Bridge because it combines with the color of Tosca from the seawater. You will also see ships sailing around it.

When you visit Lembongan Island, you will hear gamelan instruments’ signature music of the Balinese people. The sound of this gamelan is very distinctive, which illustrates that Bali is still preserving its culture.