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11 Innovative Ideas to Create Huge Impact with your Next Webinar


Webinar usage is increasing rapidly due to the obligations of social distancing and shifts in digital marketing. Around 60% of the marketers are now considering it as a separate marketing tool.

Webinars are considered a great option for generating higher leads, increasing brand awareness and retention of clientele. However, the statistics of attendee are alarming as people are getting disinterested in commercial webinars.

Let’s discuss some innovative and interactive ideas to regain the attention of customers.

Utilize a Reputable Platform

A reputable platform is not a well-marketed one. It is the one that provides utmost facilities to its users. It is convenient for people to identify and get registered on it, as the majority of aware its functionalities.

Ensure that these platforms support all kinds of electronic devices as some people will join you through laptops and others from mobile. Along with this, the continuous popping advertisement and limit of a maximum number of attendees are also considered.

Purchase Relevant Equipment

The equipment of webinar is as much important as its content. The usage of inappropriate or outdated equipment can break the rhythm of the webinar. Instead of using built-in microphones, use external noise cancellation mikes or wireless headsets.

It will be embarrassing if your main devices collapse in between a webinar. Therefore, you should have a substitute device for hosting a webinar. Install all the necessary software and hardware in that device and keep it on standby.

Attract the Audience Before the Event

The webinar requires some additional marketing efforts to retain and attract an audience. Only half of the population that had promised will visit the webinar. For promoting a webinar, create an attractive landing page.

This page must be interactively embedded with the webinar’s topic, speakers, and date. The page must contain a visible call-to-action button that must contain attractive colors. If you are low on budget, then use social media for attracting attendees for the webinar. Use catchy phrases and content to promote webinar in different social media posts.

A short video clip posted as the story is trending and can do wonders for the webinar. The email reminders are also part of promotions for the webinar.

Interactive Slide Deck

To keep the audience attracted for more than 30 minutes, it is essential to place something attractive in the mainframe. Placing a slide deck that is visually appealing can be beneficial for this. You can create attractive presentation slides to retain their attention span.

Use interactive pictures on the slide and do not embed excessive wording on it. Use transitions and a creative layout that matches the overall theme. It is suggested to use a single color palette and make your deck look busy. See the following example of an interactive slide deck;

Use Hashtags for Promotions

For providing an innovative dimension to our webinar, you can use the hashtag for its promotions. Select the least popular or new hashtag and associate it with your virtual event.

Use the same hashtag on your Instagram account to attract users and spread awareness regarding your event. These tags can be used later for answering technical questions and hosting a Q&A section. Or you can use it to send additional information to the audience after the webinar.

Arrange a Substitute Host

The tone of the discussion is the main element of the webinar. If you are not an expert host, you may easily lose track of the discussion or drag a particular point to the limit. It is necessary to have a co-host or moderator while hosting a webinar.

Provide them with the flow of the presentation prior to initiating the show. Discuss with them the main issues or things that can get controversial. Make sure they are ready to aid you during the Q&A sessions.

Consider Time Zones

Make sure that your time zone and audience complies with each other. Not all the target audience will be present in the same time zone that can cause serious troubles for the host. The first precautionary step is to identify the demographics of your audience and arrange the timings according to them. If I am located in Eastern Standard Time (EST), my preference will be a thing that complies with my time zone. Make it clear to all the guests that whether you have a mobile recording option or not. Also, discuss if there are any professional conditions for recorded webinars.

Discuss Commercial Trends

The commercial and controversial trends can be used for bringing innovation and spark in the webinar. You can choose two to three trends that are related to your industry. Make sure to use these as humor instead of sarcasm or negative portrayal. Avoid quoting a decision or convincing tone; embed it as a humors one. The commercial trends should not look like promotions. Include these trends with the other trends or as a reference.

Make it ROI Base

Your webinar should be focused on measurable values. The audience must get aware of something new and useful. The main theme should be the value of your product that is not provided by others and promised in your email marketing campaign.

When focusing on the inward theme, make sure everything is related to the product only. However, while focusing on the outward theme, the whole story revolves around product purchasing and revenue generation.

Commentary and Discussions

The whole story ends with the theme of the story that is adopted. If you have attractive content and have made significant marketing efforts, but your storytelling is not attractive, then it is all wasted. In the end, the factor that is counted the most is the speaking power of the host.

There are different themes that can be adopted by the host to sell their product. The main theme can be the conversational tone. This tone is more appreciated by the audience and can facilitate hosting longer webinars. In contrary to a conversational tone, there is discussion. These discussions can be based on a panel or two individuals.

Make sure to maintain your boundary between the news channel debate and discussion. The discussion can be on any positive feature of the product. It is not recommended to compare any competitor’s product as it may seem bias. Use the breaking news style to grab the attention when the topic seems to be too dragging or dry.

Practice makes a Man Perfect

The secret ingredient in making a webinar successful is the practice. Ensure to practice your content and speaking style again and again. The repetitive practice will highlight the areas that need more attention or changes.

It is suggested to rehearse the presentation for numerous days prior to the event with all your equipment and setting. For instance, if your topic of the webinar is education, try practicing or discussing dissertation proposal help with different people to exclude hesitations. Uninstall unnecessary applications and elements that may make the performance of your device sluggish. Request a friend or mentor to listen to your webinar to highlight potential betterments.

Wrapping it Up

The webinar is a result of the rapidly evolving globe and digitalizing businesses. Since the pandemic, there is a situation of chaos in the market; people are using different ways for promoting their product. Webinars are among one of them.

Despite its widespread popularity and usage, there are certain features that limit it. The main is the disinterest of people to attending it. Therefore, it requires innovative strategies and elements to retain the attention of attendants. I hope the innovative ways that I have mentioned above will support you in attracting a larger audience.