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Home » 10 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas & Strategies for Real Estate Business in 2021

10 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas & Strategies for Real Estate Business in 2021

10 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas & Strategies for Real Estate Business in 2021


Direct mail is a great way to market your ideas to people. It is cost-effective, builds brand awareness and helps generate long-term clients. Real estate businesses can benefit a lot from direct mail marketing strategies. Here’s how your business can benefit from it.

Identify Target Audience

Determining the target audience should be your first and foremost goal. It is essential to ascertain who is your end receiver. Why is this important? It is to save your time and resources. If you know who you want to send the real estate direct mail to, it will automatically cut down your spendings and enable you to be more productive. A self questionnaire in this regard can help a lot. Such as who do you want to pitch your idea of real estate to? Is it the home buyers or real estate developers? Are you targeting the top brass or the common folk? Questions like these can help you narrow down your focus and be precise with your target audience.

Content is the Key

It is a universal fact that your content is your key to get leads in the marketing world. Similarly, in the real estate sector, your content is your real estate businesses’ identity. Spend a reasonable amount of time on the content of your direct mail. Great content can be a game-changing strategy for your real estate business endeavours. You should always focus on what the client wants instead of what you want to offer to make your content stand out and relatable.

Retargeting with Direct Mail

Retargeting is a great marketing strategy for sending direct mail. But what is it? And how does it yield results? Retargeting is simply sending direct mails to people who have visited your websites in the past. According to many real estate marketing companies, direct mail retargeting is a potent tool in the arsenal of any real estate business. Also, many use high-end analytical tools to identify the prospective users who often visit or have visited your websites. And further, target these individuals through direct mail to convert the leads into your customers.

Effective Timing Yields Results

In real estate, time is of the essence. If you are doing everything correctly yet not at the right time, then, unfortunately, you are headed in the wrong direction. When it comes to direct mail marketing real estate, you must be aware that your focus should be to time your efforts to yield promising results effectively as a real estate marketing company. Identify when the market is at its peak and when it is not. It is commonly known that summer is the peak season for real estate direct marketing since the market is flooded with prospective buyers and sellers. And winters are a slow season for real estate. So, the best time for you to be using direct mail strategies would be right after winter is over and the spring season starts. It will give you an edge over your competitors who start late in the game.

The Layout of the Land

For real estate direct marketing to work, the layout of your pitching area is of the utmost importance. Any new residential construction offering valuable amenities such as hospitals, shopping malls, metros etc., are likely to attract prospective real estate buyers. Target the surrounding areas with your direct mail marketing real estate. Such practice is more likely to get you clients and leads via real estate direct mail and boost your brand awareness in the market.

Timing is indeed everything. It is also true that an excellent crisis is the best time to yield effective results. You just have to identify where you can bridge the gap.

Innovate to Attract

Sending direct mails in the form of focussed newsletters, professionally designed to complement your real estate branding, along with QR codes linked to your website, are innovative ways to use direct mailing strategies to market your real estate business.

Use Personal Touch

A great way to attract leads is by using a tinge of personal touch. Sending good handwritten direct mailers can be effective. Such mailers establish a sense of trust which goes a long way and has a much more substantial impact on the buyers.

Track your Growth in Direct Mail Marketing

It is always essential to always keep track of how your direct mails are doing. If they are bringing you leads, you’re on the right track, and it’s proof that your direct mail marketing strategies are working. But if you are not getting enough response or no response on such mails, then it’s time you consider revamping your approach towards strategising your direct mailing inputs.

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Make an Elevator Pitch

Nowadays, due to lack of time, people are less likely to read lengthy direct mails. To counter this short attention span, you can create an elevator pitch. Impart your ideas in the form of a flowchart and diagrams with fast yet precise points. This will attract prospective buyers as they will easily understand everything in just minutes, which they will highly appreciate. This will give you leverage to convert these prospective leads into customers.

Arouse Public Opinion

Wire your real estate pitch in the form where you engage your target audience by getting their opinion on real estate. Involvement through opinions is a powerful tool to make your target audience engage with your direct mail subconsciously. Ask their opinion on the type of amenities that they want in a neighbourhood. The issues that they are struggling with within their present home. Then, subtly market your ideas of your real estate business. This strategy of direct mail marketing will leave a long-lasting impression on the buyers.


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